New to the Sonic Core Scope 7 SDK? The Scope SDK package can be overwhelming at first, especially if you don't have any background info. Over the years there are certain things and habits i learned making it easier, and since not all is available, i thought you could benefit from some tips and tricks, to make developing a bit more fun than it already is. While your at it, have you seen that if you bought Scope 7 or Scope 7 SDK at introduction, you can get some dNa plugins for FREE? (click here to go to info on that)


dNa Files - dNa SDK Tips-n-Tricks:

- dNa SDK Tips-n-Tricks - General Tips (pdf)
- dNa SDK Tips-n-Tricks - Making your device preset capable (zip)
- ddNa SDK Tips-n-Tricks - Pads vars and dummy pads (pdf)

Documents (shared with consent of Sonic Core)

- Scope DP documents.zip (thanks to Cortone!)
- Scope SDK4 documents.zip
- Shroomz SDK Docs.zip(thanks to Shroomz!)


- http://forums.scopeusers.com (Thanks to The Team @ PlanetZ)
- https://sdk.scopewiki.eu/ (Tipped by Sunmachine, thanks to w_ellis & sharc)
- http://www.bcmodular.co.uk/forum/ (Thanks to w_ellis & sharc)


Contact me through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on PlanetZ (username RA)

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