dNa-Summer of 82

The dNa-Summer of 82 is a smart 8 stereo buss summing to 1 stereo device. Especially created for the ones mixing in DAW-software.


• Remote controllable with midi
• Level/Pan for every buss and the master.
• MS-Widening on EVERY buss!
• Solo-listening on separate Control-room output.
• 96kHz capable

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Why to use?

We made this efficient summing mixer especially for when you are mixing inside your DAW sequencer. Because firstly you don't need big DSP-intensive mixers in Scope when your DAW mixer can perform sub-mixing.

Secondly, you can use Summer of 82 to simplify the mixing phase and keep your projects and settings managable.Thirdly, mixing down to one stereo track exclusively inside your DAW software often sounds bad. Therefore get the best of both worlds. Do your sub-mixing inside your DAW sequencer (to multiple stereo output tracks/groups/stems) and then sum these inside Scope using 'dNa-Summer of 82'. This results in a much richer and better sounding mix; you can fine tune your balance and width of the separate stems. And because this efficiency will save you some DSP, you'll have plenty of DSP headroom to add (for example) our mastering tools - the dNa-Stereo Equaliser and the dNa-MasterCOMP to further finish your mix.

Ideal for BCF2000 users tired of having to switch banks all the time.


  • Sum 8 stereo sources to one stereo bus.
  • Link L/R: Left/Right linkable or separately controllable
  • Two stereo outputs: one for recording and one for control-room/solo monitoring
  • MS-Width functionality on every buss. (widening, narrowing or mono with just 1 knob, and staying mono-compatible!)
  • Panning for balance-adjustments
  • Reverse Phase
  • Solo/Mute function
  • Adjust solo level
  • Peak / RMS metering for L/R mix
  • LED meters for the channels
  • Naming your submix channels
  • Remote controllable through MIDI: Control the parameters for example with an external midi-controller.
  • Automation of parameters through MIDI: When you custom assign the device parameters to midi-CC signals(just right click on a parameter), the device sends out MIDI signals which you can "record" in you sequencer, thus you can automate the device.
  • DynamicDSP: dynamic distribution of DSP power and channels/functions which are not used are not loaded onto DSP’s for efficient DSP usage.
  • Large GUI with “analogue-style” look and feel.
  • Saves in screensets
  • Compatible with Scope software 5x and 4x
  • Compatible with all Scope hardware, PCI cards and Xite
  • 96kHz capable


Solo/KS: Adjust solo-level / dis-engage solo (kill solo)
no link/link: unlink/link L/R master level controls
little switch above input-metering: reset level-meter peak-holds
Peak/RMS: switch between peak/rms metering on L/R master output
Level L/R: adjust L/R master level outputs

On all channels 1st layer:
-Phase: Flip the phase of the signal
-Level: Adjust level of the bus/stereo-channel. Watch it though, there is a MS decoder on all channels, attenuating 6dB. So stay at optimum peak level for the channels at -6dB for optimum performance, because otherwise you'll have to attenuate the master outputs more. You will still have to watch the outputs from your DAW not overloading. While you're probably mixing at 24 bit, you don't NEED to drive all the outputs to 0dbFS....try safer margin for more relaxed mixing!
-Mute: Mute the channel in the summing process.
-Solo: Solo the channel for listening on the control-room output

On all channels 2nd layer:
-MS decoder: Makes the stereo-channel mono-narrower-original or wider, make your busses/stereo-channels/stems wider or narrower this way, creating an overall wider mix.
Pan the channel in the mix


The dNa-Summer of 82 will use around 285 DSP cycles on the old 66Mhz SHARC (older CW cards). (Max around 30% of one 66Mhz SHARC)

Version history/Change log:

-v1.0: Release, BUNDLED with dNa-Super8Tracker in DAW-pack.
-v1.1: Added possibility for naming the channels. Also puts names on top of VU meters.
-v1.5: Added insert rack for masteroutput; Added tooltips; added saving of assigned midiCC
-v1.55: Enhanced GUI
-v1.6: Fixed internal bug, no CR output
-v2.0: GUI-rework and added Midi CC manager, saves midi assignments with preset

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