dNa-Tape Echo

The dNa-Tape Echo is a classic tape-echo, modeled after a genuine classic!


• Variable tape-speed
• Extra Integrated resonance filters
• Analog modeled with distortion, wow/flutter and tape-hiss
• Remote controllable with midi
• Intuitive user interface
• 96kHz capable

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Why to use?

Classic tape-echos have been around since the fifties, and they still sound amazing! And now, dNa created a "classic tape-echo": no more cutting tapeloops and cleaning heads: digital with a passion for analog...Inspired by a legend: “If it sounds good, tape it ;-)”


  • Easy to use: this tape-echo is just sooooo easy to use: everyone can get creative with this.no more cutting tapeloops and cleaning heads: digital with a passion for analog.
  • Direct access of all the parameters!
  • Additional filter: give your repeating echo extra filtering for creative sounds/sweeps
  • Analog + Hiss: modeled with tape distortion, wow and flutter and even tape-hiss
  • Use as Aux Effect: Mute source for use as aux-effect
  • DynamicDSP: dynamic distribution of DSP power and functions which are not used are not loaded onto DSP’s for highly efficient DSP usage.
  • Remote controllable through MIDI: Control the parameters for example with an external midi-controller.
  • Automation of parameters through MIDI: When you custom assign the device parameters to midi-CC signals(just right click on a parameter), the device sends out MIDI signals which you can "record" in you sequencer, thus you can automate the device.
  • Large GUI with “analogue-style” big knobs.
  • Saves in screensets
  • Compatible with Scope software 5x and 4x
  • Compatible with all Scope hardware, PCI cards and Xite
  • 96kHz capable


Swell: mixes the tape-echo to the original source
Sustain: let the echo repeat...watch it, this can induce "howling"
Speed: adjust tapespeed and thus sound/tone
Filter: sweeps the cut-off frequency of the resonance filter

analog: enable tapedistortion such as for example wow and flutter
hiss: adds tapehissing (only when analog is ON)
1 - 2 - 3: select which replay-head is heard
filter: enable extra Low-Pass resonance filter in sustain-path
LED @ filtersection: Indicates filter is active (blinking when active)
reso: let's the filter resonate around the cut-off frequency

-AUX: Use the effect as aux effect (no source is heard)
-mute: Mutes the source and let the echo pass or die out (bypass switches all off!)
-Red light/Powerlight (Left): Master bypass switch
-LED Meter (Right): meter for indication of levels (red light can come on when howling, but it is designed to give acceptable "analog style" overdrive when analog is enabled.


The dNa-Tape Echo will use roughly between 390 ~ 911 DSP cycles depending on settings on the old 60Mhz SHARC (older CW cards). (Max 90% of one 60Mhz SHARC)

Version history/Change log:

-v1.0: Release
-v1.1: Small enhancement to GUI; added tooltips
-v1.5: Minor bugfix; added saving of assigned midiCC
-v1.55: Enhanced GUI
-v1.56: Removed Show state, Bypass state and mono-stereo state from presets
-v2.0: GUI-rework and added Midi CC manager, saves midi assignments with preset

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