The dNa-Super8Tracker is a smart 8 channel recording processor.


• Remote controllable with midi
• 3-band EQ on every channel
• Integrated High-pass filters
• Analog-style Softclip Limiter (ASL) function
• Intuitive user interface
• 96kHz capable

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Why to use?

We made this processor, because all too often it to complex integrating Scope and the XTC mode in the mixing phase...A lot of users just use Scope hardware as an interface, not using the wonderful sounding plugins from the scope-environment. Therefor the dNa-Super8Tracker is a simple, easy to use and efficient 8-channel processor (for example between the ADAT ports and the ASIO ports when recording) to do some processing at the recording stage: Like in: “If it sounds good, tape it ;-)”


Also ideal for those with a BCF2000, without having to create complex bank switching protocols.


  • Easy-Q: easy-to-access 3 bands equalizers and high-pass filtering(and input-gain) on each channel.
  • Direct access of all the important parameters!
  • EQ-View: see the EQ curve of every channel in one view (and get small LED meters for monitoring)
  • VU style meters: nice vintage-style metering and LED Metering/indicators (pre/post processing)
  • ASL: Analog-style softclip limiter; Give the signal some coloration and prevent clipping.
  • DynamicDSP: dynamic distribution of DSP power and functions which are not used are not loaded onto DSP’s for highly efficient DSP usage.
  • Phase Alignment Technology; the signals stay in phase with one another in other words the bypassed signal has the same sample-accurate latency as non-bypassed.
  • Remote controllable through MIDI: Control the parameters for example with an external midi-controller.
  • Automation of parameters through MIDI: When you custom assign the device parameters to midi-CC signals(just right click on a parameter), the device sends out MIDI signals which you can "record" in you sequencer, thus you can automate the device.
  • Large GUI with “analogue-style” big knobs and big meters (also more precise LED-meters), because big knobs just sound better, haha ;-)
  • Saves in screensets
  • Compatible with Scope software 5x and 4x
  • Compatible with all Scope hardware, PCI cards and Xite
  • 96kHz capable


Gain/Level: -24 to +24dB (the gain/level stage is AFTER the high-pass filter; this way you can cut your headroom-slurping unwanted low end, and re-gain for your equalizing thus optimizing levels for recording in your DAW-software.

HPF: 30 to 300Hz

LF Shelf Freq: 80, 150 Hz
MF Freq: 80-800 Hz, 800-8k Hz (x10)
MF Q: wide and narrow (wide for color, narrow for filtering)
HF Shelf Freq: 8k, 12k
Gain on all EQ-bands: -12 to +12dB

-HPF bypass, EQ bypass, Mute, Phase, Silk on every channel
-Pre/Post/Show EQ switch
-Enable “ASL” on all channels
-Text-field for naming the channels
-8 channels in, 8 channels out (mono-channels because of phase/dsp-cycles/compatibility)


The dNa-Super8Tracker will use roughly between 500 ~ 1925 DSP cycles depending on settings on the old 60Mhz SHARC (older CW cards). (Max almost two 60Mhz SHARC's)

Version history/Change log:

-v1.0: Release, BUNDLED with dNa-Summer-of-82 in DAW-pack
-v1.5: Added tooltips; added saving of assigned midiCC
-v1.55: Enhanced GUI
-v1.56: Solved input 6&7 error. Thanks Dan!
-v2.0: GUI-rework and added Midi CC manager, saves midi assignments with preset

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